Welsh - Lesson 3 - Prepositions


Other languages


Some combined prepositions




arna i
arnat ti
arno fe
arni hi
arnon ni
arnoch chi
arnyn nhw



amdana i
amdanat ti
amdano fe
amdani hi
amdanon ni
amdanoch chi
amdanyn nhw




i fi
i ti
iddo fe
iddi hi
i ni
i chi
iddyn nhw



ohona i
ohonot ti
ohono fe
ohoni hi
ohonon ni
ohonoch chi
ohonyn nhw




wrtha i
wrthot ti
wrtho fe
wrthi hi
wrthon ni
wrthoch chi
wrthyn nhw




Associated with verbs


Prepositions used after certain verbs:


dod o (to come from)

gofyn i (to ask someone)

mynd i (to go to)

edrych ar (to watch)

siarad (to talk to)

mynd at (to go to (see something))

gweithio i (to work for)

gwneud dolur i (to pain)

dweud wrth (to tell someone)

gwrando ar (to listen to)

cwrdd (to be with)

chwilio am (to search)