Welsh - Lesson 7 - Questions and answers


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Sut? Pwy? Beth? Ble? O ble? / How? Who? What? Where? Where from?


Sut dych chi?

How are you?


Pwy dych i?

Who are you?


Beth yw団h enw chi?

What is your name?


Ble dych chi地 byw?

Where do you live?


O ble dych chi地 dod?

Where are you come from?


Ble mae Tomas yn byw?

Where Tomas lives?

Da iawn diolch.
Very well thank you


Tomas dw i.

I am Tomas.


Tomas yw fy enw i.

My name is Tomas.


Dw i地 byw yn Lydaw.

I live in Britain.


Dw i地 dod o Dregaron.

I am from Tregaron.


Mae e地 byw yn Nhregaron.

He lives in Tregaron.



Dych chi...? Wyt ti...? Ydy e...? Ydy hi...?


Dych chi地 byw yn Lydaw?

Do you live in Britain?


Wyt ti地 gweithio?

Do you work?


Tomas dych chi?

Are you Tomas?


Athro wyt ti?

Are you a teacher?


Ydy e地 mynd i池 dafarn?

Is he going to the tavern?


Ydy hi地 mynd i池 sinema?

Is she going to the movies?

Ydw / Nac ydw.

Yes / No.


Ydw / Nac ydw.

Yes / No.


Ie / Nage.

Yes / No.


Ie / Nage.

Yes / No.


Ydy / Nac ydy.

Yes / No.


Ydy / Nac ydy.

Yes / No.


Oes...? Oes / Nac oes


Oes ysgol yma?

Is there a school here?


Oes amser i fynd yno?

Is there time to go?

Oes / Nac oes.

Yes / No.


Oes / Nac oes.

Yes / No.


Do / Naddo

Fuoc檀 chi mas neithiwr?

Have you been out last night?

Do / Naddo.

Yes / No.