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Abban • For Bretons in Germany
Agence Bretagne Presse

• Articles on Brittany, Breton, Breton culture, Europe, justice, media, politics, business world

• Dictionary service

• Annuaires

Al levrig • Federation of the Breton organizations of Trιgor-Goλlo
An Tour Tan • For expatriate Bretons
Bed ar Vuhezourien

• Information and ideas of animation

• Dealing with groups of children

Breizh Eire • For Bretons in Ireland
Bzh New Yorh • For Bretons of New York
DAO • Associations of Breton teaching for adults

• Exercises on line


• Teaching in Breton and in other languages

• Private and catholic schools


• Teaching through the Breton language

• National schools

Diwan • Teaching through the Breton language
Diwan Pariz • Nursery and primary school using the Breton language
Kalon Plouha

• Breton courses

• Walks

• Conferences

• Concerts

• Training courses

Kaouenn • An opportunity to hear Breton language

• Breton training course

• Formation

Kelcours • Search on the Internet by agency and department
KLT • Federation associations of the Country of Morlaix which deals with promoting the Breton language and the culture
Kursus • Training courses in Switzerland
Kuzul ar Brezhoneg • Gathering Breton language associations
Kuzul Sevenadurel Breizh

• Breton culture

• Federator of the Breton organizations

• Cultural development

Les spirales de l'ιnergie

• Tai Chi Chuan courses and Qi Gong courses in Lannion

Ofis ar Brezhoneg

• Promotion and development of the Breton language

• Breton in social and public life

Skol an Emsav

• Breton courses for adults

• Continuous training

• Long formation

• Training courses of revision

• Editions


• Short and long training courses in Breton

Teatr Brezhonek

• Theatre companies

• Diary of events in Breton

Webnoz • Breton in live on internet