Registration costs and instructions


Ober courses are cheap. The only costs -beyond buying the necessary handbooks- are postage and a registration fee of:

  • 40 €
  • 25 € only for students and unemployed persons (please send written evidence).


Other expenses

By mail, stamped addressed envelopes for the return of corrected work; by e-mail, 5 € for the duration of a level (levels 1, 2 and 3 only).



The necessary handbooks can be ordered from the Skol Ober secretary. The cost of books is mentionned on the registration form.


Some important rules

  • Study the vocabulary and the grammar points.
  • If you have the CDs or the MP3 recordings, listen to them well, to learn the pronunciation of the words and to get accustomed to the Breton accent.
  • Remember to enclose a stamped envelope with your name and address for the return of the exercises, unless you have opted for the formula by email during registration. In this case, your exercises are done directly on a computer, and send by e-mail.
  • You must send your exercises lesson by lesson, and not two or three at mane time, unless approved by your teacher.
  • Leave a margin of 5 centimeters for annotations.
  • Half a white page or an entire white page at the end of the lesson may be used by your teacher to explain certain points.
  • Write clearly your exercises, let lines between each answer.
  • Use your best handwriting for the greater good of your teacher’s eye. You can also typed your exercises.
  • Remember to specify the number of the lesson you have studied.
  • If you have a grammar-textbook, say the title to your teacher. He may tell you to read or review paragraphs.


First lesson

  • Read carefully and learn the first lesson, the grammar and the vocabulary. Then do the exercises that correspond to this lesson.
  • After receiving the correction of this first lesson, then you can continue by learning the next lesson.


Other informations

Ober courses are designed for those who wish to learn the Breton language, or improve their level.

The courses are available throughout the year. This is a simple and convenient way of learning Breton: the learner sends the exercises for correction at his/her own chosen pace. Written work is corrected and graded with care by a marker who will give the learner feedback.

One of the 80 volunteer teachers will be allocated to you to mark and provide feedback on your written work.

Some of them use e-mails (levels 1, 2 and 3 only); if you wish, you can ask for an e-mail user when registering.

Students who wish to attempt a Breton course, where their institution does not offer one, can register. Their written work can be graded and validated in agreement with their institution's management.


Why learn Breton language?

These distant-learning Breton courses may be used on their own, or as an addition or alternative to conventional courses.

They offer the possibilities :

  • of registering at any time of year,
  • of following a course on a regular basis without visiting places of education,
  • of following courses from various locations in the world,
  • of studying whatever their age and level,
  • of working at their own pace,
  • of using the post or e-mail to submit work and receive feedback,
  • of acquiring the language or improving their knowledge in Breton,
  • of enabling Brittophones to improve their reading and writing skills in Breton,
  • of complementing other forms of learning,
  • of preparing students for exams,
  • of responding to specific needs.


A certificate is issued to the student on completion of each level.